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Please see our media advisory, news release, fact sheet, and testimonials from previous CAMP Leadership Summit attendees for additional information.

CAMP has been featured in several media outlets including: Azizah Magazine, BroadStreet Times, Crains New York, Elan, The Nation, One Legacy Radio and The Wall Street Journal.

BroadStreet Times, April 1, 2012: CAMP Executive Director Imran Eba writes on why CAMP is critical to facilitating a positive image and understanding of Islam in America in: “Muslim Professional Organizations in America: Finding their Role.

Azizah Magazine, April 1, 2012: Afsha Bawany profiles four Muslim-American women who discuss how they’ve benefited from strong ties to the Muslim professional community and how CAMP has provided the platform to keep the bonds strong: “Keeping it Professional

One Legacy Radio, March 5, 2012: CAMP Executive Director Imran Eba and CAMP Deputy Director Uzma Kaleem were guests on “Insights with Noreen Rahman” and discussed CAMP’s mission, what makes a good leader and tips on career planning.

The Huffington Post, Feb. 28, 2012: Benish Shah explains how CAMP has helped her career in “Networking Faith: How Professional Growth Can Change the Image of Muslims Americans

The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 2011: CAMP’s former executive director, Zeba Iqbal, quoted in: “Need a Job? Try Church.

Crains New York, May 2011: CAMP Deputy Executive Director Uzma Kaleem featured in:“Muslims Look for Welcome in the Workplace